How To Win At Thoroughbred Racing
(The Art Of Selecting Racetrack Winners)

By Robert V. Rowe







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Here is a little background information on Mr. Rowe from his handicapping Web site How To Win At Thoroughbred Racing (The Art Of Selecting Racetrack Winners)

"Who is Robert V. Rowe? Why would he reveal winning secrets? Fair questions that deserve answers. Here are my credentials: Former editor American Turf Monthly, featured handicapping columnist (for five years) for Racing Star Weekly; former paid consultant to Bloodstock Research (BRIS), and author of best-selling book, How To Win At Horseracing; an earlier COMPLETELY DIFFERENT approach."

"I'm 80 years old, and obliged to live in Massachusetts which has no Off-track betting (OTBs). I'm 200 miles from my favored New York circuit, and at least 65 miles from any other. The point: I can't get to the races and am reluctant to see 58 years of study and research wasted. Therefore, my time's been devoted to compiling and publishing the winning knowledge acquired over many years. This data is now in the form of 10 lessons titled How To Win At Thoroughbred Racing. This is NOT a rehash of the same old bunk and junk that's been around for too long. It's NEW, DIFFERENT and PROVEN. It represents my personal method of play, and is easily adaptable to either on or off-track betting. If you can't win, using what I will teach you, you'd be better off choosing another interest."

Mr. Rowe has graciously agreed to send a new column bi-monthly with new handicapping tips. We hope you enjoy them.


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