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From Mrs. Tittle

Letters from Mrs. Jill Tittle

Thu, 6 March 1997

Hi Al,

Well, I finally got my act together, got over being sick , and have more stuff for you. Happy day.

First, let me start with the Trinity Meadows debacle. Tuesday, March 4 was the scheduled date of the foreclosure sale at the Parker County Courthouse. Surprise, surprise, no sale. Some TrM creditors banded together and hired an attorney, who filed a petition with the bankruptcy court there. The creditors, who collectively are owed somewhere in the neighborhood of $1M, felt that they had a better chance of recovery via this route. Alas, this process, which is estimated to take 1-2 years, will most likely end in liquidation of TrM assets.

The anticipation of Lone Star's opening is becoming almost palpable. Stall applications for the very first season were due on Wednesday the 5th of March. And a blow-out success seems likely, if only from the stall app's received. About 200 trainers with better than 3500 horses were represented in those apps. Sadly, there are only 1250 stalls at LSP. Those who submitted apps include: Tom Amoss, Steve Asmussen, Bobby Barnett, Tom Bohannon, Randy Bradshaw, Garry Chamberlain, Gilbert Ciavaglia, Keith Desormeaux, Bob Holthus, Dallas Keen, Tommie Morgan, Larry Robideaux, Gerald Romero, Kenny Smith, and Donnie Von Hemel. Wow. I'm waiting with baited breath to find out who actually got it...

Even before the grand opening of LSP, we will get a sneak preview. The TTBA 2yo in training sale will be held March 18th at 11 a.m., with the under tack show to be the previous day at 10 a.m. Already, some of these 2yos are in place. Best yet, the local tv news broadcast showed some of Leland Cook's 2yos being unloaded and adjusting to their new stalls. The news broadcast was a nice long spot, which was a good way to draw attention to the upcoming opening. And by the looks of the 2yo in training sale catalogue, it should be a very nice sale. There are nearly 300 head catalogued by some very very nice sires. The excitement builds and builds.

Lone Star is holding a seminar for prospective owners Tuesday March 11 at 6 p.m. at the Post Time Pavillion. Speakers will tell of all aspects of ownership including sales, pedigrees, selection, breaking, training, insurance, and boarding. Speakers will include former mayor of Dallas Bob Folsom, LSP president adn general manager Bob Kaminski and Corey Johnson, trainers Ed Dodwell, Ed Frederick, and Hal Wiggins, veterinarian David Unnerstall, and Bruce Hill and Ken Carson of Valor Farm.

Isn't it a fine time to be alive in Texas?

Jill Tittle

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