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Sat, 18 January 1997

Hi Al,
Well, I'm trying to get this out in a more timely fashion--I've had to spend alot of time researching lately--gives me less keyboard time :-)

I think I'll start with the information from Lone Star Park first. The excitement continues to build over this soon to be live track. The TTBA 2yo in training sale will be held there March 18th, and the entries, from what I've heard, were high on quality, as well as quantity. I believe the entries are limited at 250, although I heard that nearly 300 tried to enter.

A month following the sale, LSP opens (4/17). Not being ones to let everyone hold their collective breath, the track has slated great things for their first weekend. April 20th sees the first ever Lone Star Derby as a preDerby (the big one) prep. This race is 8.5f, $250k for (obviously) 3yos, and will be televised by ESPN. The following day, ESPN will also broadcast the $100k Grand Prairie Gold Cup, of which I do not yet know the particulars.

Also on April 20th is the National Jockey Championship, hosted by LSP in conjunction with the Jockey Guild. The top 2 jocks from LSP are in, as well as 10 invitees, which will be selected by a panel of people in the industry. As I mentioned in my last edition of TRN, there will be 4 races held over a variety of surfaces and distances. Riders will draw their mounts for each race in a random draw (very much like the Intercollegiate Horse Show method to which I fell prey years ago). The jockeys are awarded points according to their finish in each race--the winner gets the most, second fewer, and so on. The points willbe tallied at the end of the four races and prize money distributed as follows: 1st=$25k, 2nd=15k, 3rd=10k, 4th=8k, 5th=7k, 6-12th=5k apiece. Hopefully, ESPN will be able to show highlights of this event during their broadcast of the derby.

Another new item that LSP is organizing is the Mid South Futurity, in which the top accredited Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas bred two-year olds can compete. This 6f race for $200k will be held July 26th, with trials July 9th. Nominations close March 19th (strategically placed a day after the 2yo in training sale).

Lone Star has their first condition book out which covers the first two weeks. On opening day alone, there are $28k and $22k allowance races, A TX bred maiden race worth $20,900, and a $10k claiming race with a purse of $11k. A little different than the normal TX track offerings, I'd say.

SHRP is back open. They have been blessed by the string of tracks that are dark either because of season or weather conditions. Last night, they had over $1.9M wagered around the country on SHRP races. That would be a new record, I believe.

There are several things going on at SHRP. They have a great promo on right now--10 for $10. That is, 10 people (in a group, please :-) get admission, a program, and theater seats for a total price of $10. That's a good deal-- on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. There will also be a wagering and handicapping seminar held on 2/3 and 2/4. For more information, contact Reid McClellan, the fan education coordinator.

So far, the folks at Trinity Meadows have managed to keep things rolling forward. As far as I know, the ownership dispute hasn't yet been settled, but neither has the Weatherford Bank's holdings on TrM been auctioned, either. And also as far as I know, TrM has paid the TRC the $100 some-odd thousand owed them in order to prevent suspesion of their license. It seems the next hurdle to be cleared is the presentation of a realistic schedule of restructuring by TrM to the TRC, due in April. It is not impossible that TrM will run again.

Well, that is all I can handle for right now. It only took me two weeks to get this out (from start of writing to finish). Hopefully, it won't take so long next time. Hope the family is well.


Jill Tittle

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