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Sat, 9 November 1996

Hi Al,
As I promised, here is an update on some of the situations I discussed in my last edition of TX Racing Notes, as well as a bunch of new info.

The first item I will bring us up to snuff on is the situation at the TTBA where executive director Jeff Hooper and four board members turned in their resignations, due to something connected with sales director Clay Murray selling 2 horses in the fall mixed sale. Apparently, Clay was reprimanded for selling these horses in the sale, after which new rules were adopted in which TTBA staff members and their families will not be involved in the breeding, owning, racing, training, or sales of TBs without special permission of the Board of Directors. Although I feel the TTBA is a group of straight shooters, this will prevent any questioning of staff member motives from any members. Although it was not stated in black and white, I would assume that those who turned in resignations don't agree with this policy.

Speaking of Board of Directors, the nominees have been announced, and all TTBA members must turn in their ballot by Dec 23rd. Fifteen nominees have been announced (although 2 are now out) and members choose 7 of these candidates to represent us. Nominees are: (* indicates out of the running ) Dr. Jack Allen of Cameron, commercial breeder Michael Barnett of Dallas, breeds and races TBs Larry Brumbaugh of Fort Worth, breeds, buys, and sells TBs Jeff Carr of Houston, 10 yr TTBA member, stands stallion Shots Are Ringing *Lynda Carruth of Maybank, breeder Phillip Clifford of Paris (TX :-), breeder Sue Cook of Corsicanna, breeding and racing (1st big horse was Dixieland Heat) Ed Few of Jasper, has been racing and breeding TBs for nearly 20 years Patricia Finch of Seguin, breeds buys, & sells racing age TB's, also jumpers *Bob Folsom Dr. Steve Hicks of Montalba, runs Cedarcrest Stud Farm and Equine Clinic Joe McDermott of Waller, runs McDermott ranch since 1968 Josesph Straus Jr. from near San Antonio, runs Straus Medina Ranch Tod Wojciechowski of Bandera, owns Western Ivy ranch and runs Dbl Diamond Terry Wynn of Lubbock, owns Fossil Creek, stands 8 stallions at Summer's Mill, owns around 180 TB and QH mares.

In the last edition of TRNs, I also talked about the new rule that the TRC proposed in its last meeting regarding shifting the proceeds of simulcasting more towards the tracks. I now have a little more info on that. This plan was designed to help out the tracks which need finacial assistance right now. In general, what would happen is this: starting next year, the percentage of simulcasting revenues (after basic costs, taxes, comissions, and legally dedicated monies are taken out) would be shifted ever more in favor of the tracks until a 50/50 distribution is reached in 2001. This would mean, in real figures, that probably about $8M would get shifted from purses and breeder's awards to the tracks. The TTBA executive committee, concerned with the potential loss of up to 20% of the funding for the ATB program, met twice in October to work on making this rule a little more palatable to the horsemen. What they came up with was the idea of limiting this action to a set time period, that being until 1/1/01, and more importantly, *only at tracks that can present financial need*. In expectation of a good meet at LSP, that would mean full ATB awards would remain inplace there, while helping out Retama and SHRP. This issue will remain open for comment until the next TRC meeting. My question is this: does this mean that ATBs running at LSP will receive their full breeder awards and those ATBs running at SHRP and Retama won't? If that were the case, wouldn't this hurt entries at SHRP and Retama? Alot of people really count on their breeder awards, and it is a big reason people run their horses in state as opposed to out of state. Would this action hurt the number of horses running at these tracks and therefore, hurt the tracks?

Old business out of the way, let me move on to upcoming events.

The first thing to mention is that the TTBA annual meeting has been scheduled for 1/10-1/11/97 at, as per usual, the Austin Marriott at the Capitol. On Friday night (1/10) there is a life member party. On Saturday (1/11) there is a full schedule to follow. The majority of the day will be spent at the Equine Research Account Advisory Committee 4th annual Racehorse Conference, where lots of current issues will be talked about and opened for discussion. In the afternoon, the TTBA business meeting will take place, followed by cocktail hour 6-7 pm. After that is the dinner and year end awards ceremony with keynote speaker Tim Conway and master of ceremonies Chris Lincoln.

The dates for the 1997 TTBA sponsored races have been announced
TTBA Sale Oaks 3yo f $50k guaranteed 1 1/16m LSP 6/19/97
TTBA Sale Derby 3yo c&g $50k guaranteed 1 1/16m LSP 6/20/97
TTBA Sale Futurity 2yo f $50k added 5f LSP, trials 6/4, finals 6/21/97
TTBA Sale Futurity 2yo c&g $5k added 5f LSP, trials6/5, finals 6/22/97
TX Open Futurity 2yo f $50k guar. 6f. Ret trials 9/19, finals 10/4/97
TX Open Futurity 3yo c&g $50k guar. 6f. Ret trials 9/12, finals 9/27/97
Groovy Stakes 3yo ATB c/g $25k added 6f SHRP, 12/6 (tentative)
Bara Lass Stakes 3yo ATB f $25k added 6f, SHRP 12/6 (tentative)

Texas Champions Day is right around the corner. November 23rd, at SHRP, is a day of great racing for accredited TX breds. The following races for ATBs will be run that day: The Star of Texas Handicap--$50k guar. The Groovy Stakes--$25k added The Bara Lass Stakes--$25k added The Yellow Rose of Texas--$25k guar. The Toast of Texas Stakes--$25k guar. The Martanza Handicap--$25k guar.

There will also be some good racing for non-ATB horses: The Richard King Stakes--$25k guar. The San Jacinto Stakes--$25k guar. The Davy Crockett Starter Allowance--$7.5k The Susan Dickerson Starter Allowance--$7.5k

The races start at 7pm, but there will be lots of activities to take part in before, during the day at SHRP, and after, including: Friday 11/22--SHRP, Country band, BarBQ, and $1 beer Saturday 11/23-- 9-11:30 a.m. pancake and bacon breakfast during workouts barn tours, "hands on" contact with the horses interviews with trainers, jocks, and veterinarians 12-3p.m. the TTBA has reserved the Jockey Club (and direct tv) so you can watch racing around the country, as well as college football *or* The TTBA has scheduled a bus for those who would like to shop at the Galleria and Old Town Spring. Sunday 11/24--7 a.m.--Backside Breakfast of coffee and donuts

Sounds like fun--wish I could be there.

Well, Al, this sees me only halfway through my list, but I've been working at this on and off all day. Think I'll give myself a break :-) The rest of the stuff I have is (what I think is interesting) minutia, so I don't have a huge push to get it to you within the next 24 hours. I'll try to have it to you by next weekend, but no promises.


Jill Tittle

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