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Letters from Mrs. Jill Tittle

Wed, 26 June 1996

Hey Al,
The Blood Horse just reported on how things seem to be on a roll here in TX as far as the racing goes. Retama has been doing better since they opened this June 8th. Opening day attendance wasn't as high as last year, but the total handle was 20% better. Everyone seems to feel that Texans are learning how to play the ponies--those Texans that didn't travel to other states, that is. I was disappointed that TBH didn't include in it's report on how well TX racing was doing, the fact that Lone Star's simulcasting is outdoing projected estimations. LS seems to keep on drawing both attendance and handle. It has been open almost 2 months, with no signs of a major drop in either aspect. That's ok, I guess--I'd rather not hear how well they are doing than hear how poorly they are doing :}.

I have now heard from several people that negotiations are on-going between the TTBA and LSP in regards to holding a 2yo in training sale there next spring. It seems that the sale is a pretty sure thing, and it's only details that have to be ironed out.

Ken Quirk (chairman of the TX racing committee) told me that Trinity Meadows has agreed to hold a 2yo stakes race on the weekend of the yearling sale. This could be a good deal for whoever is selling any related yearlings.... Ken told me to tell Jerry Saunders--perhaps they could aim Baltic for that race, as he seemed to handle the TrM surface pretty well. It wouldn't hurt Herbie's sale any if his 1/2 brother did well.

Speaking of Ken Quirk (Summer's Mill Farm), I saw that Top Avenger is now #6 on the national sires of 2yos. I don't have the info in front of me, but I seem to remember that his 2yos have won around $70 something thousand this year. Not bad. His yearlings generally sell quite well here--and they will probably go higher in the next couple of years. Top Avenger didn't breed any outside mares this year because of declining fertility.

On the Summer's Mill kick, Salt Dome's Le Dome won a nice turf allowance recently at Louisiana Downs. Ken felt that should probably bring Le Dome's earnings to the $100k mark. He was happy that Le Dome had moved closer to TX, as last he could recall Le Dome was in So. Cal. somewhere.

Steve told me that Kay, our Mr. Redoy filly is doing very well. He said that she has settled down very well. Surprising to me was the fact that they have no trouble catching her. He said that in fact, she won't leave them alone if they go out in her paddock. I guess she really has settled in there.

Say hi to the family for me.


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