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Letters from Mrs. Jill Tittle

Sat, 30 Marr 1996

Hi Al,
I had been wondering how things were going at Dallas' new Lone Star Park. They were originally slated to open for simulcasting in April, and I couldn't imagine bad weather was holding that up. I did find out that they are a bit behind schedule because of a contracting problem, but they expect to be open for the Derby. They will be receiving the signal from Churchill, so they feel that it imperative to be open by then (I'd agree with that). I hope this doesn't mean that they won't be ready for their Dec 14th live opening...

I'm glad to report that we finally got rain. We had one solid day of soaking rain--we could use many more. Along with the rain, we got a new baby. Coastal had her North Prospect baby--a huge filly. Everything went smoothly, and the filly is vigorous. Coastal surely stamps her babies. NP is a bright chestnut with alot of white (face and legs). Coastal is a medium-dark bay with no white. This baby is bay with a few white hairs on her forehead and a white foot. Oh, and a few white hairs on the tip of one ear. She's a keeper.

Speaking of Coastal and babies, her last year's Salt Dome colt is really coming to himself. He looks great--should be a nice sale yearling. Linda Quirk at Summer's Mill doesn't think there will be a whole lot of SD yearlings in the sale, which is good for us. We were pleased to find out Salt Dome had another stakes winner overseas this week--keep them coming, SD!

I had been quite worried that the many new stallions we have received in TX would so outnumber the mares that breeding farms would feel the pinch. Steve Hicks at Cedarcrest (Pancho Villa, Orbit Dancer, State Dinner, Tiffany Ice, Wayne's Crane, and Joanie's Chief) don't seem to be having that problem. They have 200 mares there right now. They have had to hire on extra help, especially since Steve is having to work hard in the capacity of TTA president. Lots of issues to iron out.

Well, we're off to see our new little (NOT) princess filly, and go put our hands on the yearlings. Hope all is well in So. CA! Say hi to the family for me.



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