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Letters from Mrs. Jill Tittle

Sat, 3 Mar 1996

Hi Al,
Sorry I haven't been sending you much--we just finished moving (YUK), and I haven't had even a whisper of a spare moment.

Sam Houston has started their spring meet--I'm hoping to see that some of my babies will be running! Retama may be able to open their TB meet in June. There have been alot of rumblings about a group of QH people investing in the track, but nothing firm. Also, the bondholders may come up with the money. Nothing is for sure yet with any of it, but I hope it all pans out. I think Sam Houston would like to take over Retama's TB dates if they can't get the needed money together in time. In the meantime, Lone Star has been rising from the dirt. The simulcast pavillion is supposed to open next month, and I haven't heard of any delays (rain hasn't held them up, for darned sure--it continues to be tinder-box dry here). Let's hope everything works out.

We ended up not going partners on River Prospect, but my vet did buy him. He seems to have adjusted well to the change of environment. He needed some behavioural readjustment, but he's smart enough that it all sank in easily--he's well enough behaved to cross-tie in the aisle for grooming, despite all the activity in the barn. He actually has become quite docile and friendly.

I checked my calendar, and Coastal is due in 2-3 weeks. The baby is giving her absolute fits--you can see it kicking her sides easily from 100 feet away. I traded Leah (my vet) hay in return for foaling her out--we're too far away from the barn for me to feel comfortable with it myself. We'll rebreed her to River, so she'll be right there anyhow. Mike (Leah's hubby) is supposed to pick both mares up this weekend. He just got back from NM, where his family lives. He picked up a Bionic Light mare of his cousins to breed to River.

I talked to Mike and Josie Adams (the people we met at Summer's Mill), and they are really interested in breeding to River--he has such great breeding. Josie and I talked for the better part of an hour. Josie made me feel good--she felt that if I liked River's conformation, she would also--we seemed to like the same horses at SMF--and felt no compulsive need to see him.

Well, I had better go unpack some more boxes--probably my least favorite thing to do. Hope this finds you and the family well. Have you heard anything about the new job, or am I slow on the draw? Til later... Jill

PS--I'm going to sign up on a cheaper internet provider, so I'll have a new address--I'll let you know (it will probably be next week sometime).

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