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Letters from Mrs. Jill Tittle

Sun, 22 Oct 1995

Hi Al!
I noticed in the most recent issue of Blood-Horse that there are several Texas connections in the Breeders Cup pre-entries. Mike Rutherford is breeder of three horses and owner of two of those three, including Lakeway in the Distaff, and La Rosa in the Juvenile Fillies. Mike has a farm in KY, as well in Buda, TX, while he lives in Houston. Art Preston of Prestonwood Farms (Da Hoss) also lives in Houston. Kathy Brown bred Ft. Stockton (Sprint pre-entry) in TX--I think her farm is in Montalba. She owns (I think) all or part of Mr. Redoy and Opposite Abstract, that stand at Summer's Mill in Belton. A point of interest (to me, anyhow): we bought our first mare at auction from Kathy. This mare subsequently produced the Barcelona colt I had mentioned in an earlier letter--the 2yo that should be rady to run. But I regress. Will Farish, who is connected with Dove Hunt and Signal Tap, has Huisache Farm in Hempstead. Last but certainly not least, Josephine Abercrombie of Pin Oak Stud has Texas connections. My hat is off to all of the aforementioned people for all that they have done and are doing for Texas racing.

Yesterday the breeding stock sale was held in Ft. Worth. We didn't stay for nearly all of the sale, and I don't have the results in yet, but from what I've heard, the sale went well. The gross proceeds were up 60%, and the buy-back rate was low (under 20%). A number of the mares looked familiar to me, so I cross-referenced them to the past two years sales. In fact several of the mares that went through were sold last year. I noticed that quite a few of these mares lost the foals that they were carrying at last year's sale. It seemed to me that the quality was higher last year, but since I didn't have a catalogue until sale day, I haven't spent the time to analyze it.

I will get back to you soon with more of the sale results, as well as a plethora of stallion relocations. Til later,

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