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May 21, 2000
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Chukker #3 PIC5-SM

W ell, the wild spring weather has arrived concurrent with the spring season of polo at LCPC. First on slate was the $5,000 Bob Moore Construction Cup. The tournament was kicked off with a genuine Argentine barbeque held on field one immediately following the first match. Despite threats of severe weather in the area, LCPC was spared, and the bbq was a popular and enjoyable affair.

This 8-12 goal tournament was originally supposed to run May 3-14, but lots of wet weather pushed it back to May 11-21, and now rain has delayed the finals to an as-of-yet undetermined date. The tournament roster is as follows:

Billy Mudra (4), Tony Vita (4), George Olivas (4), and Jesse Pruitt (0)

Robin Murphy (0), Brent Mirikatani (3), Mariano Fasseta (5), and Daryl Schwetz (4)

Brian Boyd (1), Jeff Mero (3), Cuko Escapite (3), and Sam Leake (1)

Ross Haislip (1), Oscar Bermudez (4), J.J. Celis (6), and Dan Leland (1)

Margaret Holland (0), Archie Salinas (4), Martin Estrada (6), and Hal Oppenheimer (2)

Ortho Polo:
John Greer (0), Gabriel Gracida (5), Miguel Silvestre (5), and Barry Zindel (2)

Stover Creek:
Ed Scanlon (1), Craig Frasier (2), Chad Kraml (4), and John Eicher (4)

Sunday May 14 saw two matches of the tournament: at 2pm, on field 2, Intertrade met Crosswood , and at 5pm on field 1 , Stover Creek faced Mallethead . The weather was fabulous, and the fields played beautifully.

The finals will be CMC versus Mallethead, with the consolation finals seeing Margaritaville taking on Crosswood.

The next tournament on slate: The 8-12 goal $10,000 Merrill Lynch Challenge.

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