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sent from trainer Gina Asbridge.

December 8, 1997

Hi Al:

I think I finally have my computer problems straightened out. I don't think you ever received the rest of my last report so here is the "condensed" version.

Kirby,(the one in the Marathon) bled like a stuck pig. The gate crew were going to take up a blood collection for him. I guess I overdid the feeding regimen and he blew a gasket. He is ok and is now training to be a jumper and team penning horse. Dollar (the other grey) had two heartbreaking races to finish the meet. In both he was in the lead at the head of the stretch and the hung and ended up fifth , and only a couple lengths off the leader each time. Most any other race he would have had at least third or second.

I only had the two first time starters left that weren't sore or tired or both so I bundled up the rest (five horses in a four horse trailer, plus an eight foot pickup camper loaded to the gills) and shipped home. The other two are in Yakima and their first races should be coming up soon. The results show they have been having full fields and decent handles and their stalls are all full so hopefully they can keep going till Spring. Yakima hasn't run in a couple years so they are in the same position Playfair was - they really have to make this meet go.

I saw my "bug girl", Missy Vens won another race - paid $39.00 to win and the tri was $659.50. Missy has only ridden about 50 races so far and has 5 wins now - not to bad for getting on mainly longshots. Way to go Missy!

Now we are already making plans for next year. The tentative schedule is to run the small tracks in British Columbia in the Spring and then try to make the Fair Circuit in California with one or two other horsemen. (Some Arabs and Appys besides the Thoroughbreds) Hopefully this will all arrive this time.

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