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sent from trainer Gina Asbridge.

October 6, 1997

Hi Al,

It's been another busy month (or longer).The "home town" meet came and went - 5 days of of just about any type race you can imagine. Kalispell has the only graded race in Montana - The Charlie Russell Quarter Horse Futurity. The purse has been about $40,000 the last couple of years - pretty good for these parts - and a gate full of hot 2 year old Quarter Horses is pretty exciting. We even have a "Championship Day" , our version of the Breeders Cup. (I even finally managed to light the board with my Son of Briartic gelding managing a late running third in the big $2500 Claiming Stakes. Even the cheap horses can be exciting!) The purses and the handle were up so hopefully there will be another meet next year.20

The next stop was Walla Walla, Washington (famous for its onions). They were short on horses but still put on a 3 day meet (only 5 races one day, some 5 horse fields). The even recruited a couple of the local gallop girls for jockeys. One girl put on a remarkable display of riding when her horse was bumped hard out of the gate and she went over the side clutching mane for several strides then pulled herself up. A horse I bred went on to win the race but the gutsy rider got all the praise when she brought her mount back. (I forgot her name but she did a heck of a job). Walla Walla also had the friendliest fair I have ever been to. Each day they had a rodeo after the races (free admittance) complete with "mutton bustin" for the kiddies, followed by a night show. Each race winner is awarded a leather bridle for their efforts also. (helps when your win check is only $400).

Finally I got back to Spokane. The fall met is running three days a week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) through November 16th. They are simucasting to several tracks in the Midwest Sundays and Mondays (Hot Tip for any handicappers watching - Majestic Truth is feeling great and after a couple rough trips should be getting her regular jock back on and ready to fire. Last race she went off at 30 to 1. Don't tell anyone I told you) The Arabians are filling a few races every Saturday (legislation prevents the Arab races from being wagered on at some of the Simucast sites) and they are fun to watch also. I even got a win with a friend's horse and ran a third in a maiden race with the horse that won at Walla Walla. (Something about Maiden Clauses and non recognised tracks in state with two exceptions not counting out of state bush tracks, etc. Even the Stewards don't agree on that rule.) In a couple of weeks The All West Sale will be held. There is a series of added money races for the sale graduates. This year the filly division was won by a daughter of Lord Avie so a few well bred horses make their way in.

Back to training for now.

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