Lynn McDowell


Lynn's story -
"I Rode my first "racehorse" at age 2 when my dad put me bareback on a retired one who took me for a very fast tour of the neighborhood. I stayed on, loved it and was hooked.

My father grew up on a plantation in SC where Sir Barton and other "greats" summered and he fed them carrots and moleasses as a boy. I rode English,showed, hunted, etc for many years and became addicted to racing about 10 years ago.

I divide my time between Miami, Charleston and stables in cyberspace. I've been most recently published in HorsePlay magazine, and am a regular contributor to SKIRT magazine, which is sort of a feminist newspaper. I have a daughter in college who bets on who I tell her to and thus, usually loses :) and a husband who no longer gives me $ with which to bet!

An ultimate goal is to "interview" Touch Gold, one of the fastest and most promising horses alive."

Presently, Lynn is packing for a cross-country trek, during which time she plans to visit as many racetracks and stables as possible. "Who knows...maybe I'll become the NTRA's new "Go, baby, go" mascot :). We certainly need more women involved in the sport - fans and jockeys."
Editor's note - Hopefully Lynn will keep us updated while she is on her trip.


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