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If you are ready to move your business into the next era of business communications then continue reading. We at Independent Systems Development welcome you to the World Wide Web. Through the World Wide Web you can make your product or service available to literally anyone, anywhere in the world. Any potential client can view your product 24 hours a day, seven days a week from their home or office.

For the consignor this can mean that a potential client can log on to the Internet and view any and all information you provide. What they see can be very much like a page from a magazine. But the page will come alive with not only pictures, pedigree, performance charts but video clips, audio clips...virtually anything you wish to present.

  • Pictures of your horses can provide an attractive centerpiece for your presentation.
  • You can use text and performance charts to enhance your description.
  • To view your horses in action, a short video clip can be viewed. Using a simple hand-held video camera the film can be converted and stored in a computer.
  • You can include a short audio clip of an exciting finish in a race or record testimonials about your horses.
  • Provide contact information for interested buyers. In addition, if a buyer is inquiring about a horse for sale that you may feel fits their needs you can point them to your Web page for further information. Your presentation can easily lead to an in-person visit from a potential client.

As a consignor of fine horses you want to not only show your horses to their best advantage, but also make your presentation as widely available as possible. The Internet makes all this possible. Whenever a potential buyer accesses the Internet, with a simple click of their mouse they will be able to view your Web pages.

Listing your horses for sale on the World Wide Web is a cost effective way to bring your business to a global audience. Rates for listing your horses are well below traditional magazine prices. In addition, if you need to add or change any information on your Web page it can be done in a matter of minutes. You don't have to wait for the next edition. You have full control over the contents of your Web page.

If you would like more information please contact Al Lauck at 626.579.6810 or if you are on the Internet send e-mail to Don't miss this affordable opportunity to bring the world to your door.


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